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Welcome to DISHA Digital School

An Online School for Child with Autism & Specially abled Children

We believe that the Parents are the friend, Philosopher, Guide and also the best Teacher for their autistic and specially abled child. We help you to become the Best Teacher for your lovely special child in a Scientific way to overcome the obstacles in their life. Additionally Disha will enlighten people with excellent books, learning kit, Research based Information and Best Guidance to you on Autism and related issues.

Our Objectives
  • Self concept
  • Development of good habit
  • Eye hand coordination
  • Development of Speech and language
  • Problem solving
  • and many more...

our Vision

enhance the all round development

To enhance the all round development of a children‘s personality and inclusion of healthy attitudes, life skills and good values.

enabling the children to develop her/his maximum potential

To lay the foundation for a healthy, productive, and satisfying life in the future by enabling the children to develop her / his maximum potential.

Cognitive development -environmental awareness

Cognitive development -environmental awareness, development of scientific temper and developing mathematical thinking and reasoning.

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