Let’s count balloons

It is a activity book for child with special needs. This book is based on the concept of counting objects and value putting.This colourful book is very easy to understand and useful for kids.Our activity books help to boost the confidence and learning habits.

Swaraborno Worksheet

‘Sarobarno worksheet’ is a bengali activity book which is very good for working on fine motor skill as well as to learn the bengali sarabarno. It is excellent for special needs child. Not only trace, colouring letters and verbal pronouncing the letter and object associate with the letter is also included.

Sobdo Gothon

This bengali book teaches the basic words which our kids used in daily life.
Increases word power, and awareness of the object with its name is the objective of this book. This book is also very good for LD and special needs children.

Amar Bornomala

This ‘Bornomala’ is a book that teaches Bengali alphabets. This book is a way to experience for someone to learn Bangla. And it is specially designed for kids with special needs.

Tracing Book

This bengali tracing book is excellent for working on fine motor skills
It is a great way for children ages 3 and up to learn how to write bengali letters and practice fine motor skills.

Yes No concept

Yes / no concept is a activity book for child with special needs. which is design to give a preliminary concept of yes and no.

All About Me Personal Information Adapted Book

Not knowing your personal information is a safety concern. Help your students to learn all of the important information they need to know with this fun and visually appealing interactive adapted book.

N.B: This document is made to be PERSONALIZED!!!!

‘Oh no! This are not foods’ is a social story book

For autistic children who can’t identify the food and non food items.Sometimes they put some bad things in their mouth, which are not food items. And it’s very difficult to teach them which is right and which is wrong. This book describes the food and non food items…which should they eat or which shouldn’t…how they deal with this behaviour. It’s a very colourful simple picture book which describe everything nicely and it’s very easy for them to understand properly.

My Friend has AUTISM

It is a social story for all the students of inclusive
school. It’s a simple story that describe

  1. What is disability!
  2. Type of disability .
  3. And how they help his/her autistic friend to overcome his/her difficulties.
  4. About the features of an autistic child

Action word match book

These cards are for matching pictures to sight words.

Each page has 3 words. They can be printed out and cut out along the large rectangular line. Cardstock paper is recommended. Laminating the cards and adding velcro to the small square and the back of the picture is recommended as well.

Autism এর অ আ ক খ !!!

Comprehensive and authoritative, Autism Spectrum Disorders explains all aspects of the condition, and is written for parents, educators, caregivers, and others looking for accurate information and expert insight.