Picture Exchange Communication System, also known as PECS, allows people who have limited communication abilities to communicate with each other using images. PECS allows people to approach others and offer them a photograph of a desired item. This allows the person to start communication. PECS is a communication tool that people living with autism can use to communicate their thoughts, requests, and other ideas. PECS can be used in the classroom or at home.

These are the Six Phases of The Picture Exchange Communication System.

PECS PHASE I: How to Communicate

PECS PHASE II: Distance and Persistence

PECS PHASE III: Picture Discrimination

PECS PHASE IV: Sentence Structure

PECS PHASE V: Answering Questions

PECS PHASE VI: Commenting


Who is eligible to participate in Disha PECS’ ( Picture Exchange Communication System) training programme?

Children who do not speak, are unintelligible, or are only minimally effective communicators with their current communication system are ideal candidates for the programme.

How is this programme going to be run?

Pecs books and personal choice cards will be prepared and sent to the guardian’s address for those who complete out the form in the first stage. Then, in two online video sessions, you’ll learn how to utilize the book and card. This will be a one-on-one video session.Parents must upload a video of their child working at home to our private Facebook group. Each stage’s work will continue in this way.A separate manual will be sent for each stage and registration will have to be done separately for each stage.

What will we provides?

PECS Book with sentence strips and a practice data chart for each phase.

Course Fee:

The first phase course fee is 1000 rupees per student. The fee for the next phases will be different; you will be notified when you fill out the form again.

Those interested in taking this course from outside India can contact us via WhatsApp at 9641669359 or via email at

Registration for the first phase is now open. Fill out the form below if you’re interested. Please hurry as seats are limited.


Note: This is not a professional training course. We started this course to help parents of special children and to improve the child’s communication skills.